AXA Big Bake Off event

AXA Big Bake Off Event

This event was a piece of cake!

Last week, 538 Underwriting were whisked away for a Big Bake Off event.

This was thanks to our partnership with AXA Broker UK schemes team. They hosted a delightful Bake Off event with twenty-four bakers producing absolute masterpieces.

AXA Big London Bake event

The event took place at The Big London Bake who host a range of baking events. Our baking theme was ‘Fintastic Fish Cake’, so we were inspired to bake something from under the sea.

It’s safe to say, the team had a ’splashing’ evening and even our Managing Director Simon got involved (this really was the icing on the cake)!

Take a look at the 538 Underwriting masterpiece (please be kind)!

Here’s what Simon has to say about the event. 

“The Bake Off was something a bit different, and a great event hosted by AXA UK. It was a great excuse to mingle, all while showing off our creativity through baking.

We value our partnership with AXA and understand that these types of relationships often lead to great success as we combine diverse skills, resources, and perspectives.”

This was certainly something different to the usual events we attend. However, we are already organising our next team event for some more competitive fun.

Thanks to the amazing SDA team at AXA for putting on such a wonderful event. We look forward to the next one!

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